• Greek Native Cattle Breeds. Study for the identification and classification of native cattle breeds and populations via laboratory examination of genetic material (SNiP) in co-operation with the Munich University-Germany.
  • Sykia Cattle. Location of the “lost Sykia Cattle breed” and establishment of a breeding nucleus by “Amalthia”.
  • Kea Island Cattle. Location of the “lost Kea Cattle breed” in the uninhabited Makronissos island, in Kythnos island, and in Mountain Trifylia-Messinia. Establishment of two new breeding groups.
  • Rodopi Short Horn Cattle . Establishment of a breeding group of short horn cattle representing a mountainous population in the Rodopi-Thraki region (north-east Greece).
  • Nisyros and Kastelorizo islands cattle.  Location and study of two distinct native cattle populations in the islands of Nisyros and Kastelorizo in central and south Aegean respectively.
  • Cretan Cattle. Locating and supervising of the Cretan cattle population.
  • Lipsoi Island Cattle. Formation of a breeding nucleus of native cattle.
  • Prespa Cattle. Co-operation with Grovni Foundation and Prepsa Protection Society.  Formation of a breeding group of the particular regional population of cattle.