• Axios River Horses. Documenting and studying the feral horse population at Axios River Delta.
  • Greek Native Horse Breeds. Classification and study of the genetic propensities among native horse breeds by laboratory examination of genetic material (STRs) in co-operation with Texas A&M University-USA.
  • Rhodes Island Small Horse. Co-operation with “Faethon” the “Center for the Preservation and Breeding of the Rhodes Small Horse”. Focus at increasing the population of this extremely rare horse and achieving its official recognition.
  • Skyros Island Small Horse (Sporades Group-West Aegean).  Co-operation with the “Union of Skyros Small Horse Owners” for establishing a stud book for all Greek territory which will lead to the Union’s evolution into a state certified agency of horse breeders.
  • Establishing a breeding group of small Greek (type 1) donkey.