• The protection, preservation and promotion of all indigenous domestic animal breeds.
  • The merger / partnership between unions and individuals who have the same or similar purposes, developing communication channels and promoting closer ties between them to common action.
  • The recording of all indigenous animal breeds and types within each breed by documenting each breeds (and breed type) characteristics in order to preserve them.
  • Encouragement, guidance and training for owners, fans, friends, scholars and breeders of these breeds.
  • To motivate the authorities to support, protect, preserve and promote these breeds.
  • Support and improvement of Greek organic farming based on indigenous breeds.
  • Encouraging the creation of unions / co-operations in order to protect local breeds.
  • The reintegration of these breeds to the local communities where these breeds have evolved by promoting alternative farming options which will prevent their disappearance.
  • Informing the public in a responsible manner about the benefits associated with these breeds.