Greek Water Buffalo



The Greek buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) belongs to the common water buffalo type, (Murrah), and in particular to the Mediterranean buffalo subtype. The Greek water buffalo has been included in the list of endangered and protected breeds under the Ramsar Treaty. In 2004 the “Greek Buffalo Breeders Association” was formed for pursuing the entire range of activities relating to the genetic improvement and promotion of water buffalos in Northern Greece.  In recent years the Association has expanded its activities throughout Greece and in collaboration with the “Institute for Animal Genetic Resources” of Thessaloniki, has achieved the registration of the entire population of Greek Water Buffalos in the breed’s herd book.


Morphological Traits

The color of the skin of the Greek buffalo varies from brown to black and the color of the coat from dark grey to black.

Productivity traits


The breed is classified as ‘Not at Risk’. (2019).


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