The Andravida breed originates from the lowlands of Elia in the Peloponnese region. The area has a long equine history, since in Skinounta of Elia, Xenophon (431-354BC) wrote two of the world’s oldest manuals on the handling of horses, Peri Heppikes [On Horsemanship] and Hipparchikos [The cavalry commander]. In 1928, thanks to the initiative of the Hellenic Jockey Club, the first Horse Show of Andravida was organized; it is the oldest such show in our country and continues without fail up to the present.

Morphological traits

The present day horses of the Andravida breed retain manyt of the morphological traits of their ancestors. The Andravida breed is the largest of all Greek breeds, with body conformation similar to those of the European athletic breeds.


The Andravida horse is suitable for many uses because of its robust physique.


The population of the breed is classified as “Critical” (2019).


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